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2020 Piatt County Election Results

Some Piatt County unofficial totals from the November 3 election:

Voter turnout was 79.69 percent in Piatt County, as 9,875 ballots were cast out of 12,391 registered voters. That does not include mail-in votes yet to be received, which can be counted until November 17.

Donald Trump received almost identical support in the county for president as in 2016. His 63.5 percent on Tuesday compares to 63.2 percent in 2016. The Biden/Harris ticket tallied 33.7 percent, compared to 29.6 percent for Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Support for third party presidential candidates decreased this year in the county with only 2.77 percent of the vote as opposed to 7.2 percent in 2016.

US Senator:

Republican Mark Curran finished with 5,975 votes to incumbent Dick Durbin’s 3,382.

Thirteenth Congressional District:

Rodney Davis received a large support from voters in Piatt County, being favored by 6,712 votes (69.3%) to Betsy Dirksen Londrigan’s 2,974. In 2018, Davis got 65.3 percent of the vote over Londrigan.

Other uncontested winners include Dan Caulkins for District 101 Illinois Representative, Seth Floyd for Circuit Clerk, and Sarah Perry for State’s Attorney.

The Fair Tax proposal received 7,294 no votes compared to 2,268 yes votes in the county.

The Piatt County board will have three new members, and all were uncontested. Todd Henricks, Jerry Edwards, and Gail Jones will be seated in December.

The unofficial election totals were completed around 11:00 p.m.

Rhoades wins judge race

Dana Rhoades, three-term Piatt County State’s Attorney, will be the new Sixth Judicial Circuit’s Piatt County resident judge in December after defeating fellow Monticello Attorney Suzanne Wells in Tuesday’s election.

“I am grateful and overwhelmed with the tremendous support and voter turnout Tuesday night. Serving Piatt County these last 12 years as the State’s Attorney have been a tremendous honor for me and I am grateful to continue my service as the next Circuit Judge for Piatt County,”

Rhoades stated. She added, “Piatt County is my home county, and we have great people.”

Rhoades, a Republican, accumulated 61.5 percent of the vote, topping the unofficial vote totals by a 5,815 to 3,647 margin. Wells ran on the new party Lincoln Heritage Party. She is a partner with Wells & Grabarczyk, P.C.

Rhoades will replace Hugh Finson, who is retiring from the bench.

“I am excited for Sarah Perry to begin her journey serving Piatt County. She will be an excellent representative for Piatt County as our next State’s Attorney,” Rhoades said.

Perry ran unopposed on Tuesday after winning the Republican primary in March.

Rhoades has served as state’s attorney since 2008, and stated during her campaign her goal is to develop a specialty drug court to serve Piatt County.

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