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Police Chief Goodman asks for help concerning firework complaints

Hydrants to be flushed during last week of October

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At 7:00 pm after the “Pledge of Allegiance,” board members remembered Dave Conlin at the opening of their meeting held on the evening of Monday, October 19. Mayor Rod Randall read aloud a note given from Bonnie Conlin. “Thank you to the Village for the sign in memory of Dave Conlin. I am sure he would feel quite humble if he knew,”. Board members were all in agreement.

Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg reported $84,974.41 in expenditures. He noted that there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in the expenses. Comptroller Erica Carter noted the bank balance was $3,446,777.69. There had been two TIFF requests which had been approved but not disbursed yet.

Trustee Dave Tiffan reported that he had received a phone call from an individual who had complained about fireworks that had been going off in town between the times of 9:30 and 10:00 pm. Chief Goodman said that he had been receiving complaints since September. Goodman said that during the past weekend, they did catch a few people letting off fireworks that were on Union Street, but other than that, it has been very random. He said if anyone has any information about the fireworks, please contact the police station, as it would be very helpful.

Goodman also informed the board that an event co-chaired by Larry Schlabach would need help with some traffic control. The “Make America Great Again,” caravan would be going through Atwood to Arthur through the country and then end up at Penn Station with a rally. He also noted that Arthur Flower Store owner, Mark Krutsinger would be getting some greenery in and didn’t currently have extra cooler space, so he would be keeping it in a cooler trailer which will be parked along East Illinois Street for a week to ten days or until all of the greenery has been removed from it.

Public Works director, Grant Corum told the board that he and his team had been trying to stay busy with the weather they have been having. Presently, it is tentatively scheduled for the hydrants to be flushed during the last week of October on Tuesday through Thursday, weather permitting. He still is accepting applications for the open position. The last day for applications will be October 30. Presently, about 28 of them have been turned in.

After reports from the trustees and police chief, the board took action on the following items:

1) Discussion and action were taken on a change order for the sanitary sewer lining project in the amount of $2,916.00. The board approved the change order. Prior, there had been a shed which had to be torn out, new concrete was put in in addition to a manhole.

2) Action was taken for a loan disbursement from the IEPA for the sanitary sewer lining project in the amount of $38,863.06. It was approved.

3) Every other year, an inspection is done on the water tower by the company, Corrpro. The cost of the inspection is $2,250. It was approved. Corrpro has been doing the inspection for at least the past ten years.

4) A final payment of $35,138 was approved for the final payment for the WWTP screen project to Burdick Plumbing and Heating. There had been issues with the engineering and manufacturing of the unit, but not on the installation. The amount paid was the amount that the Village had originally agreed to.

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