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Bement Changes Liquor License, Allowing Alcohol by 10am on Sundays

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Last month during the Bement Village regular board meeting the owner of the Lucky Monkey, Bridget Rund with Amy Davenport (server), presented during public comments regarding changing the village liquor ordinance to allow the sale of liquor to be changed to 10 am instead of noon. During the October’s board meeting the board approved that change.

Rund had stated previously, “ Bridget said this was the third time she has come before the Board asking for a change. Local businesses are losing revenue by not being able to serve customers until noon. If they are on their way to the lake, they will fill up their tank and buy their alcohol at the next town. Our local businesses are losing revenue and tax dollars. They feel Bement should be able to compete with Monticello and Ivesdale who both have changed their serving times on Sunday. Bridget and Amy are asking the Board to please amend the ordinance and allow them to serve at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays.”

Everyone was pleased with the change.

During the September meeting, Milan Mathew, who is currently leasing Bement Stop ‘N Go, was approved for a liquor license, pending the receipt of the current owner relinquishing their license. He is leasing the current Bement Stop ‘n Go from Gerald and Denise Dugan under the name Bement Mini Mart, Inc. Since there are no other open D liquor licenses in the Village, the Dugans will turn their license over when they are done and that is when Mr. Mathew’s license will take effect.

Board Approves Popejoy Roofing for New Roof on Water Treatment Plant

The village approved a contract with Popejoy Roofing to install a new roof for the water treatment plant at a cost of $13,480. Previously the board approved the same company to aid in the roof damage from the 80 mph straight line winds they experinced in April, as well as the bandshell at the Veterans Park. Kay the village treasurer stated, “SK Exteriors, Champaign and from Popejoy Roofing, Inc., Farmer City. SK Exteriors submitted a quote of $5,239.00 for the concession stand and $8,988.00 for the bandshell. Popejoy was the lower quote coming in at $3,850.00 for the concession stand and $5,980.00 for the bandshell.”

“The bandshell is a pavilion in the city park (now Veterans Park) where, in recent years, concerts were performed by a volunteer band. The band sat under the “bandshell” and everyone would bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on while enjoying the free concert in the park.”

Trustee Frank Koebel expressed his concerns in finding a local contractor during October’s meeting. “I think we would all like to keep the money in town if possible and just asking because we are getting ready to appropriate money for and not a local contractor for the job.” To clarify, the amounts requested fall under the quotes category, not bidding which has different requirements.

Previously the board discussed possibly a draft agreement to use for work awarded to contractors. This was not discussed during October’s meeting.

Other News and Information:

•The village approved trick or treat hours from 5-8pm on October 31 with houses with their porch lights on. Village President, Pat Tieman, stated, “kids have gone through so much already.” He also stated, “I have also heard the Governor may ban it? …Just so you know it is on the table for him.” There is no indication this is true as of yet.

•The board reviewed it’s audit with Neal Kuester, and he stated, “Made some minor adjustments, but nothing really major.”

•The board approved a donation of $200 to Piatt County Soil and water Conservation District for their recycling program. Previously the board has donated $100.

•The board renewed their life insurance plan with Health Alliance. The cost went up less than a percent.

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