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Mid-State Tank Keeps On Giving

Mid-State Tank Keeps On Giving. The Arthur Fire Department was treated to dinner on Wednesday evening at Yoder’s Kitchen compliments of Mid-State Tank of Sullivan and the Arthur facility as well. The entire department was very appreciative as they were hungry, dirty and tired from fighting not one but two field fires that afternoon within hours of each other. Pictured is (front row kneeling) Christopher Miller, Joe Gingerich, Clint Herschberger, Austin Gude and Lamar Hostetler. (Second row) Elmer Miller, Mike Taylor, Mid-State employee, Tim Romine, Duane Hopkins, Ray Beachy, Randy Rafferty, Kirk Herschberger, Paul Kauffman, Lamar Miller, Christina Stoltz, Customer Service Manager/Sales Coordinator for Mid-State, Lacy Kingery, Mid-State employee, and Gene Good, Mid-State Vice President of Sales. (Third row) Chief Chris Helton, Jason Schrock, Daryl Earnst, Matt Bernius, Gary Cornwell, Willard Herschberger, Steve Helton, Justin Ray, Tim Likens, Jeff Mercer, Brian Keagle, Tyler Kearns, Allen Chupp and Kurt Hall. Not pictured was Steve Honn, Mark Kuhns, Nelson Zook, Bruce Helmuth, Steve Gingerich, Eric Gingerich and Michael Yoder. Thank you Mid-State Tank for continuing to give back to the community.

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