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Bement Board of Education holds October meeting

Marching Band plans parking lot concert for Thursday, October 22 at State Bank and Lions Club Building

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While music is different this year because of COVID protocols, marching bands are taking an interesting approach by putting on a concert in various parking lots.

Monticello recently did this and Bement is falling in suit providing a concert this Thursday, October 22 in the bank parking lot at 1:15pm and the Lions Club building parking lot at 1:30pm.

The board states, “all social distancing guidelines will be followed.” If there is rain in the forecast, the concert will move to Friday, same times.

The district, like many, held virtual parent teacher conferences. Around 60 percent of Middle School parents were contacted, and 46 percent of high school parents.

Superintendent and Elementary Principal Sheila Greenwood states, “Students are doing a great job with the Pawsitve Behavior Houses this fall. We are planning a couple of special events to celebrate their success.” One they will do is the annual Turkey bowling tournament.

Greenwood states, “Quite the visual–the turkeys don’t mind it at all. The kids cheer like it is the Super Bowl.”

Bement has had two positive cases for students in their district, but have yet to close in person instruction at all since school started. “We are absolutely thrilled with the success of our in-person instruction this fall. We are in the middle of week 9 without interruption. We look forward to welcoming several of our remote learners back for the second semester. The students, staff, and parents/guardians have been instrumental in helping us follow guidelines and recommendations.”

The district is in the works of forming a transition plan with their remote learners during the second quarter. Greenwood stated, “The teachers have had a couple of meetings to strategize and come up with some ideas for making connections and helping remote learners to not feel so isolated.” She went on to add that Kirby including Bement School in their new turnaround testing program will be highly useful in the upcoming months. Testing will be made available in Monticello, Cerro Gordo, and Atwood. The hours vary, but if a student or staff member is showing symptoms they can receive a test with the results in less than 24 hours. “Students with symptoms pick up a form from the office, take it to Kriby, get tested and then the school will get notified by 7pm is a student is positive.” The tests are free of charge. Greenwood went on to add, “and after the individual is fever-free for at least 24 hours, and can produce a negative COVID result, they can come back to school and not have to isolate for ten additional days. If a person is sick and gets a negative COVID, but still doesn’t feel well, they can stay home and come back whenever they are able to. This is a game-changer for us here in Bement.”

Important Upcoming Dates:

•October 16: end of 1st quarter

•October 20: Picture retakes and Remote Learner Picture day

•October 23: Report Cards Distributed

•October 28: SAT Senior make up testing date

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