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Giving Back.

Giving Back. Mid-State Tank of Sullivan, with a facility also in Arthur, wanted to make sure everyone knows that Police Lives Matter. On Monday, Sept. 28, representatives of Mid-State, visited the Arthur Police Station to deliver Subway sandwiches and Mid-State t-shirts to show appreciation for always being there when needed. Being a police officer is one of those jobs that goes unnoticed unless needed. Christina Stoltz, Customer Service Manager/Sales Coordinator for Mid-State, originated the idea of Mid-State giving back to the community. What better way to show appreciation than a visit with lunch and a shirt to boot. Christina says Gery Conlin, President of Mid-State, and Kevin Conlin, Vice President/General Manager, were definitely on board with the idea. Visits to fire departments and school administrators will be recognized by Mid-State in the near future. They will enjoy cookies or cupcakes. Pictured is Mid-State employees Mike Taylor, Nick Binion, Christina Stoltz and Lacey Kingery with Arthur Police Sargeant Shaun Meredith.

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