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Atwood Village Board Approves Additional Monies for Truck with Snow Plow

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

The Atwood Village Board voted to increase the budget for the purchase of a truck and snow plow for the street and alley department at a special meeting on Saturday morning, Oct. 3. Village President Davey Herring conducted the meeting. Trustees attending were: Allen Kilber, Scott Harris, Haley Ely, Chris Stoltz, and Ron Wallace by phone.

The board voted to approve expenditure of $60,000 for the truck and snow plow at their September meeting. The truck they had looked at prior to that meeting had to be ordered. The committee found out it wouldn’t be available until March, 2021. The equipment was needed for the upcoming winter season.

The committee decided to look within a 150-mile radius of Atwood to see if they could find a truck they liked and could get right away. A 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel truck with snow plow was found for $63,763.30.

Wallace made a motion, seconded by Kilber, to rescind the September motion. The motion passed. Harris then made a motion to approve $65,000 for the 2020 Dodge Ram with mounted plow, seconded by Stoltz. This motion also passed.

Jeff Mercer, Public Works Superintendent for the village, stated the village should get the truck right away and the snow plow will have an option of three different positions to use.

The village also has an older truck and snow plow, so it looks like the village is ready for any snow that comes their way.

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