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Arthur Village Board to create an ordinance for the Achievement Sign Program

Board votes to place a memorial sign in memory of former Mayor Dave Conlin

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The expenditures were reported as $41,934.11 from Treasurer Mike Hilgenberg, who had returned to the most recent meeting of the Arthur Village Board. Hilgenberg had been recovering from surgery and was absent from past meetings.

Police Chief Michael Goodman reported that the electronic sign for Prairie Street had arrived. He had no other major events to report.

Board members approved a TIF request from Glen Schlabach of DBA Progress Rentals. The project had already been previously completed. Members discussed the qualifications for the reimbursement and had been informed that $39,560 had been spent. Progress Rentals met the 30% criteria of the TIF recommendations. The board voted to give $14,009 through TIF.

A bid of $4,650.00 was awarded to Oyes Hardware for replacement of the two-inch brine feed line to all four softeners at the water treatment plant. There had been issues with it for the past six months. Public Works plans on assisting with some of the cost and plans to not exceed the total amount.

A memorial sign will be placed to recognize former Mayor Dave Conlin who recently passed away. Mayor Rod Randal noted that it would be a great way to recognize the former mayor. It will be placed near the gazebo.

Board members discussed details of the Achievement Sign Program. Once signs were put up, they wouldn’t be taken down unless asked to. An ordinance will need to be created to explain the details and requirements. Should the board run into issues later in the future, the ordinance could be amended. The board voted to create an ordinance for the program, and Village Attorney Ken Crossman will put the ordinance into the necessary wording to present to the board.

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