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A-H Public Library Summer Reading Program announces award winners

“Dig Deeper: Read, Investigate, Discover” was this summer’s reading theme selected by the Illinois Library Association’s iREAD program.

Due to Covid 19 all in house programming was cancelled but reading challenges and craft projects were still available. Twenty-one participants decided to Dig Deeper for 5 weeks.

A variety of crafts and activities were available each week to be picked up at the library for digging deeper at home.

Reading was conducted on an honor system by recording minutes read each week in a reading log.

A variety of prizes were awarded to those that met their weekly goal.

Ten participants completed their logs and met the 5 week goal.

They all received a shirt with their name and stating “Dug Deeper into Reading”, a McDonald’s gift card and a Blue Ribbon orange cool tube from Casey’s.

All names were entered into a drawing for two $15 Dairy Queen gift cards won by Ava Moody and Holdyn Tiffan. Thank you to all that participated and those parents and friends that made it a happen for the kids.

Illinois Heartland Library System, Reading Across Illinois Library System, the Consortium for Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois and the Illinois State library continue to work together to keep our libraries safe during this Covid 19 pandemic.

These organizations are constantly focused to make sure all library materials are safe to be shared locally and across our state through interlibrary loan.

Testing from the REALM project continues and the results direct the measures for all libraries to safely handle library materials.

Last week the latest test results indicated a need for the quarantine of library materials to be extended to 7 days and those books quarantined in an upright position. Testing will continue while libraries take every precaution to slow the spread of Covid 19.

Locally, staff members take their temperature each day, wear masks, gloves and practice social distancing. Hand washing and sanitizing are frequently performed for overall safety. All circulating library materials are disinfected when returned and quarantined for 7 days before they are re-shelved. Special attention is given to high touch areas in the library such as equipment, counter tops, doors and handles by being wiped with disinfectant several times a day. The tubs that travel from library to library across Illinois are frequently disinfected inside and out following guidance from the CDC as well as the guides from the REALM study.

Sanitizer, wipes and a digital thermometer are available just inside the library. Please stop and clean your hands before entering. You are welcome to take your own temperature and there are wipes to use on the thermometer.

Thank you for your help to keep all of us safe to use our library.

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