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West Prairie Street Speeding Addressed

Dear Editor and residents of Arthur,
I am writing to address an ongoing situation in the Village of Arthur on W. Prairie Street. Many of the residents that live along that street and in the Hersch Manor subdivision have reported that traffic coming and going are often traveling faster than the posted 30 mph speed limit.
The Village of Arthur has undertaken steps to monitor, gather data, and reduce speed of vehicles traveling in and out of the Village of Arthur’s corporate limits along W. Prairie Street. Portable speed trailers have been deployed on many occasions along the street in hopes that vehicles would slow or “calm” speeding. Several of the residents have children and grandchildren that play in the yards along W. Prairie and there is a concern for their safety as well as those who are walking or bicycling.
In an effort to further address this problem, the Village of Arthur is investigating the addition of permanent electronic signage along West Prairie Street. In addition to these efforts, the village board and police department are asking for compliance from motorists through education and notification by this letter in reducing their speed.
Additionally, the police department will be conducting directed enforcement patrols along that area, which is aimed at stopping and citing violators of the 30 mph speed limit. I ask that you take care and caution to heart to reduce the speeding issues along W. Prairie Street in order to make that neighborhood a safer place for all residents.
Michael S Goodman
Chief of Police
Village of Arthur, IL

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