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Cerro Gordo School Board Holds May 2020 Meeting in Auditorium

Cerro Gordo Board of Education held their May meeting in the auditorium.

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Generally, the Cerro Gordo School board holds it’s regularly scheduled meetings in the high school band room every third Wednesday starting at 6:30pm. However, for the month of May the board met in the auditorium.

There were two public correspondents, both from retiring teachers Mary Webb and Karen Wildman. Webb stated in her thank you note, “It has been an honor to work here the last 34 years. I appreciate the learning opportunities you sent me to and the support in the school and community.” Wildman stated, “Thank you for beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and the retirement card, the pink roses were absolute exquisite and indeed a surprise and the Del’s popcorn was delicious snack. I have truly enjoyed working for the CG district.” Adding, “I thank you Superintendent Robinson and all the school board members for the support and kindness you have shown me throughout the years. I will miss all the wonderful people in CG.”

Superintendent Brett Robinson’s Report

Robinson first addressed highlights, stating: “One of the highlights for me was watching the amazing kitchen staff put together meals each week for up to 150 students in our district. Igot to distribute the vast majority of those. Some of the numbers got so high some weeks we split into two routes, which is awesome. Adding, “But it was good to see the kids when we went house to house making some of those deliveries out in th country.”

The district uses Egyptian Trust for their health insurance. Robinson stayed he had positive news from them concerning health premium costs. “I think for the first time I have been Superintendent we received a decrease in our annual premiums. 5% decrease in health insurance premiums, which had been growing in the last few years.”

However, the district’s insurance for the buildings is going up states Robinson. Board Member Todd Hendricks cited the increase of construction costs are partially why it is rising. “it’s property evaluations. It really is. For so many years schools were not valued, but now that there has been a lot of construction everywhere, and they are realizing the true cost…insurance in based on replacement or reconstruction costs.”

Robinson added the provider cited the fact that what is known as tornado alley has shifted more east than in prior years. “Whatever data they use the tornado belt has moved further east to more where we are. It used to be more in the Oklahoma direction. That was one of the things that was cited.”

The district’s provider is Prairie State Insurance. Robinson states they are seeing a 25% increase through the property and general liability side. “They typically have been pretty low on the annual increase, and this is the first time we haven’t had a small decrease.” Adding, “Did see slight decrease in worker compensation packages.”

Completed and Upcoming Projects States by Robinson

•Scaffolding out on east side is for the masonry repair

•Asbestos removal in elementary annex school basement complete

•High School Art room had an hvac installation

•Landscaping cleanup completed

•Elementary Playground Shade Structure near completion


•The Elementary annex basement waterproofing and new flooring installation

•Electrical track and football field upgrades

•Sidewalk restoration by Elementary School

•High School south and east parking lot lighting upgrades

•New roof at elementary annex

•New roof over High School girls locker room

•Remodel of the room downstairs west and adjacent to teacher lounge

•Ag shop lighting upgrade

•Classroom door security improvement

The district will still probably hire for summer help, but it will look differently this year. An announcement will come soon.

Robinson ended with, “We got a lot going on and all good things.

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