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Complaint filed by Bement School District

Lawyers for the Bement School District filed a complaint last week against former Superintendent Dan Brue in the Central District of Illinois U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

The legal complaint is requesting that the court system not forgive $76,576 in his bankruptcy case which the exact amount of money Brue is accused of embezzling from Bement.

The complaint requests that a court would determine the debt owed to it by plaintiff be non-dischargable.

If granted, then the $76,576 Brue is accused of stealing from Bement would not be a forgiven debt in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Brue paid himself more than $76,000 to a fake company he formed called Ideal Consulting and Construction Services from 2011-2013.

Brue has also been under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for alleged embezzlement of $250,000 from the Meridan Community School district since August of last year.

Brue resigned in 2013 after four years at Bement to take the superintendent position at Meridian and resigned that position in July of 2019.

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