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‘Mail’ Bag for each member of ALAH Class of 2020 at Tastee Cup

YOU’VE GOT MAIL. As many are aware one of the toughest parts of this situation we are in has been the effect on the lives of our graduating seniors, the ALAH Class of 2020. So many of their end of the year experiences have been sadly lost.

With that in mind a group of citizens have come up with an idea for family, friends and residents of Arthur, Lovington, Atwood and Hammond to show these seniors that we re thinking of them and wishing them well. Here’s how it works.

A ‘mail’ bag for each member of the class will be available at the Tastee Cup, 119 S. Vine in downtown Arthur. Terry Clark has generously provided for the front counter in the shop to be filled (and it is filled!) with these bags. You are welcome to come by and drop items into any or several seniors bags as you so choose. This project is not only a way to show our seniors we are thinking of them but also as a gesture of good will in support of our local businesses. Ideas for the gift bags would include cards, flowers, gift cards, snacks, etc, many of which can be purchased locally. Handwritten notes and homemade cards would also be very much appreciated.

Students can check their ‘mail’ at any time the store is open. Hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.; Sunday 1 to 8:30 p.m.

Be creative! The ‘mail’ bags are available beginning this week and will be in place until June 1.

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