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The Schools May Be Closed For Now, but Meals & Learning Continue

Teachers Angie Romine, Jane Burton and Tim Manselle were at the A-H Grade School/Jr. High handing out learning packets for the students on Monday, March 30.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Monday has been a busy day around the A-H Grade School/Jr. High. A few people are there handing out meals and teacher’s packets for the week. Meals are picked up in the East parking lot. At that time any completed work is returned via your car trunk in a Ziplock bag with the child’s name, teacher’s name and grade level.

At that time the staff will deliver food to your trunk, pick up completed work, and put new learning packets in the car.

If students are just picking up learning packets they go through the East parking lot from 3-5 p.m. Packets are also available on the website at Use the Arthur CUSD 305 tab and click on COVID-19 Resources.

Helping to hand out packets recently were Angie Romine, Jane Burton and Tim Manselle.

On Monday, when parents picked up their meals and teacher packets, they were given a stress ball for each child, compliments of the A-H PTO. This was a novel idea to help children (maybe even parents) cope with the Shelter in Place ruling.

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