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Rajah Park Slowly Becoming a Reality

Atwood Village Trustee Allen Kilber worked hard to cut down the old trees at the former Pea Patch. It was a big job cutting up the wood for bon fires. Trimmed Up Trees came in last week and ground up the stumps clearing the way for a parking area for the ball diamond and Rajah Park.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

It takes baby steps for Rajah Park to become a reality, but it has started with the old trees being cut down, making way for a parking area to be used for the ball diamond and Rajah Park.

Allen Kilber, trustee for the Village of Atwood, knew it was going to be costly to have the trees cut down, so he volunteered for the job. Little by little, the trees have been cut and made into firewood. Trimmed up Trees had the job of grinding the stumps out.

The Rajah Park Committee has decided to extend the deadline to order pavers to May 1, due to the corona virus pandemic and people unable to come into the library to order. But don’t let that stop you, you can leave a message on the library number (578-2727) and Marsha will get back to you when she is in the library.

To date, almost 150 pavers have been ordered. Most of the pavers are for the entry to Rajah Park, while others are for the veteran’s area.

Ken Caraway, Commander of James Reeder Post, stated the legion members are excited there is going to be an area in Rajah Park especially for the veterans and is in hopes that veterans and/or their family will buy a paver for this area to make it look nice. The legion has agreed to purchase a lighted flag pole for the pavers to go around and is in hopes that enough veterans order a paver to encircle the flag. Another portion of land has been designated for a veteran’s monument sometime in the future.

The 4×8 ($50.00) and 8×8 ($75.00) pavers are available from Marsha Burgener at the A-H Public Library or go online at Please be a part of Rajah History by having a paver with your name and be sure there is one for your class. There are many graphics available for the pavers, plus all branches of the military.

The committee is in hopes that every class is represented with a paver. A class can purchase a paver or five people can donate $10 each to buy a paver for their class.

The following is a list of classes that bricks have been purchased: 1942-1943-1944-1953-1960-1968-1969-1970-1977-1978-1979-1980-1981-1986-2004-2008.

The list below contains classes that have bricks partially paid and the amount listed is needed to complete the brick purchase: 1945-$40; 1947-$40; 1949-$40; 1954-$35; 1962-$40; 1966-$30; 1975-$40; 1976-$30; 1982-$40; 2002-$40.

If you are a member of any of these classes and would like to donate money to help with the purchase, please contact Marsha Burgener.

Be sure and check with your class president and make sure your class is represented with a Rajah Paver. Don’t forget the deadline has been extended to May 1.

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