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Cerro Gordo Spreads Positivity Throughout the Community

Shelley, Zach, and Finley Braden pictured delivering meals. Submitted photo

Staff Writer

Since Schools were forced closed after March 16 in Illinois, and will more than likely remain closed for a while, the Cerro Gordo School district and community have gathered together to spread positivity throughout the community. While a majority of the news revolving around the Covid-19 pandemic is exhausting, it is refreshing to see the “helpers” as Mr. Roger’s famously quoted come together.

On Friday March 27, 2020 the Cerro Gordo School district with the Cerro Gordo Fire Department threw a parade social distancing style for the community. Almost all of the teachers and some staff drove around throughout the district honking at students and their families to let them know they miss them dearly.

On Sunday March 29, 2020 the community gathered together once again to spread cheer through hot meals delivered to local elderly shut ins, single elderly, people with health conditions and then to local healthcare workers. They delivered multiple meals to 76 individuals. They ran short of meals to the health care workers, but plan on putting together another delivery in the future.

Lori Powers made all of the meals and the following people delivered them: Dawn Mann and Thomas Mann, Jeni Garner Vogel, Shelly and Zach Braden, Jeff Powers, and Erin Teagyn Barger. On a Facebook post it was stated, “It takes a Village and we have an AMAZING one!” They may be offering more meals or other assistance in the future as today it was announced the “Stay at home order” will probably last until April 30.

Throughout this time Judy’s Kitchen is still offering curbside service and purchases of gift cards.

Many in the community are checking in on neighbors, seeing through social media and other means if anyone needs something from the store.

It is truly wonderful to see the “helpers” during these times. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me personally. You may reach me by email at or my cell at 217-853-9922. Someday soon, we will be back to reporting on regular events and other things. For now, Covid-19 seems to be running the show, but those that continue to help are the ones creating a beautiful world for others, and that is the news I hope we all remember for years to come.

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