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Cerro Gordo Village Board Updates Among COVID-19

Staff Writer

The Cerro Gordo Village Board met Monday March 16th, 2020 and I was unable to attend due to having a cough and later a fever. I am fine, my fellow readers. However, I want you to be aware that yes, I am self-quarantining and keeping an eye on all symptoms. I am certain I do not have the corona virus, but it is best for me to stay indoors. So, I contacted the Cerro Gordo Village President Tim Allen to fill me in on what occurred.

You can find their agendas on their website:

There were no water adjustments. The unfinished business related to the Scout Hall windows being installed. They are almost finished.

The Scouts in Cerro Gordo will not be meeting for a bit due to Covid-19 closures, however check in with your local Scout leader. They have provided multiple things online as suggestions for students home during this time frame. Because of this the Eagle Scout presentation was delayed.

The closure of the MFT 2019 was approved as well as setting one up for 2020.

Allen stated about the Post Prom donation, “Post Prom was tabled until next month to see what they are going to be able to do for Prom if anything.”

There were two complaints relating to garbage. Allen stated, “What were the complaints about garbage? 2 residents had complaints against them for letting garbage pile up on their property. The Village sent them both letters to let them know they are in violation of an ordinance.”

The board approved the renewal of the The Depot’s liquor license.

The replacement of two fire hydrants at a cost of $7,000 a piece was approved. I asked about if any other action concerning hydrants from the recent fire, “One of the damaged hydrants from the fire will be replaced in the new water project. We have repair parts for the other, but a shut off had to be put on the line before the repair could be made.”

The board approved the removal of 12 tree stumps with Stump Eez at a cost of $800.

As far as work at Gordy Park, Allen stated, “We are having 2 handicap parking spots poured ($3762.00) and a side walk to pavilion from those spots ($997.00). Tile work is done just finishing up the dirt work.”

The village also approved concrete work at South Street and Jefferson to replace damaged sidewalk due to drainage work at a cost of $650.

The Village released this statement after Monday’s meeting:

This is to inform the Village of Cerro Gordo that through the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) environment.

Our village office will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday 18, 2020 Until further notice. Our office will remain staffed on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, 8 am to noon and Tuesday and Thursday 5pm- till 9pm. Water Payments can be placed in the drop box at the

Municipal building or in the drop box at the State bank of Cerro Gordo. Please continue to call the office at (217) 763-8551 regarding any Village matters or email us at

Public Works Department will all function at normal during the this time.

Thank you and very sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The Civic Center is also closed to the public at this time.

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