Julie Glawe retires from Faith in Action…Leanne Griffin new Director

Julie Glawe, left, retired from Piatt County Faith in Action on May 8, after almost 21 years on the job. She is pictured with the new director Leanne Griffin.

By Doris Elmore
Staff Writer

Leanne Griffin has been hired as the new director of Faith in Action of Piatt County following the retirement of long-time director Julie Glawe. She began her new duties as director on Wednesday, May 8, although she had been Assistant Director since October, 2018 and had been shadowing Julie learning the ins and outs of the organization.

Leanne was employed at the Piatt County Nursing Home for 10 years as a Restorative CNA.

A Piatt County native, Leanne resides in Tolono with her husband John. They have two grown children, Jason and Mandy.

Julie Glawe was the first director of Faith in Action of Piatt County. In 1997, Marilyn Benedino, administrator of the Piatt County Nursing Home at the time, and Carla Bradley, who was director of PCNH Social Services, saw a need for a special program for seniors in the county.

They wrote for a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to help start a FIA program for Piatt County.

They were proud to announce that late in 1997, Faith in Action of Piatt County, an outreach project of the PCNH was formed. It joined over 600 caregiver programs throughout the country and is a part of the Faith in Action National Network. Julie was hired in January, 1998, and remained in that position until now, except for a short 1 ½ yr. leave of absence. However, during that time she kept in touch with what was happening.

Faith in Action is a volunteer caregiving ministry designed to be the helping hands and hearts to the community. It is a home and community-based outreach program targeting senior adults in the Piatt County area. Faith in Action organizes caring people of all faiths who wish to offer support and companionship to senior adults in the community.

Individuals can participate in Faith in Action in two ways…as a carereceiver or as a volunteer caregiver. For more information residents may call 762-7575. There is no cost. Donations are gratefully accepted and the program depends on donations to maintain operations.

Julie built the program from the ground up. She enjoyed helping residents who were in need and working with the many volunteers. To date there are 202 FIA volunteers in Piatt County. It wasn’t just a “job” for Julie, it became a part of her life. These people became extended family, both those that received care and those who volunteered. It showed in how she treated everyone, always a smile and laugh that made them feel they were loved. Julie is one of those people who just loves everyone and would lend a hand to anyone in need.

Julie lives in Farmer City with her husband Curt, a retired meat inspector for the State of Illinois. They have a daughter Molly and husband Andrew and two adorable grandsons, Silas, 3, and Finn, 2.

In leaving her position Julie states, “Faith in Action has changed my life from the very beginning. I have had the opportunity to interact with people in a way I would never have imagined. They start out as acquaintances and end up as forever friends. I cherish these people and what they have brought to my life.”

She continued, “The ‘surprise’ party on May 8 was overwhelming. Thanks to Leanne and her co-horts for giving me a sendoff to remember. God Bless all of you.”

Julie says that Leanne is excited and energetic about her new position and asks that everyone give her the same respect and support you have given her for all these years.

A special thanks to Julie for giving of herself to others and making Faith in Action of Piatt County a very special program, and welcome Leanne, you will do a great job. Julie is helping to take care of her mother and enjoying more time with her family, but you can bet she will stop by the FIA office from time to time to visit friends.

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