From Easter Egg Lane to Harvey; celebrating Easter in Bement

Several members of the Lifesavers Club at Bement High School served as the construction workers setting up Easter Egg Lane in Bement. The community’s festive holiday display along Macon Street was put together last Saturday and will be on display through the coming weekend. Pictured are front row: Ellie Shonkwiler and Tatum Auth. Back row: Luke Brewer, Tommy Bales, Leo Kinsella, Carter Davenport and David Elder (Lifesavers Club sponsor). The lawn of Bryant Cottage will once again be decorated and the Easter Egg tree in Veterans Park in downtown Bement is something new to see this year. Don’t forget to drive by the State Bank of Bement and say hello to Harvey! Photo Kent A. Stock

By Kent A. Stock
Staff Writer

The Village of Bement is once again rolling out the pastel carpet for townsfolk and visitors alike to celebrate spring – the season of birth and renewal. Volunteers from all over the community have helped put together the traditional displays along with a few new additions.

If you have a chance to take a stroll around the historic town, you will notice the very festive, seasonal decorations popping up just like the spring flowers. The Lifesavers Club of Bement High School has staked out the many large wooden eggs, bunnies and chicks along Route 105 made by the Women’s Club. The lawn at Bryant Cottage is to be full of bunnies, chicks, lambs and, of course, eggs plus “Harvey” will be retuning downtown to watch everyone on Bodman Street from the State Bank of Bement window.

New this year to the decorations elsewhere is the Easter Egg Tree in Veterans Park which has been put together by the Bement Community Council. Another site to see while strolling around town!

With this festive atmosphere there will be a festive event, too. The Bement Health Care Center and Bement Lions Club are co-hosting the annual Easter Egg Hunt which will start at 10:00 a.m. at the Bement Health Care Center on Saturday, April 20. All young bunnies are welcome up through Grade 5 so bring your baskets, buckets and bags to get in on the fun. In case of rain, the hunt will be moved to Walsh Gymnasium at Bement High School.

All the Easter fun has been going on in Bement for nearly 70 years! The history of the decorations begins in 1952 when Zenaida Drake started decorating her yard for spring. In 1983 the Bement Women’s Club began stringing plastic eggs together to hang in the trees along Highway 105 in Bement…the first Easter Egg Lane.

In 1987 Zenaida Drake passed away and, starting in 1988, the Bement Community Council began decorating Drake’s yard in her memory. In 1989, Bill Drake, husband of Zenaida, donated his wife’s collection to the Bement Community Council. The collection, which is added on to each year, continues to be displayed on the lawn of the Bryant Cottage State Historic site with the help of the Lifesavers Club at BHS.

Of course, we can’t forget the big bunny! Harvey prefers his privacy and spends most of his time in a quiet space in storage. For a large rabbit that has been around since the 1950’s (recently a newspaper was found with Harvey dating back to 1962) Harvey is still looking pretty good – ready to look out on Bement for many years to come. He will make his appearance in the State Bank of Bement window as another part of spring and Easter traditions in Bement!

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